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     R&M Specialties is committed to manufacturing quality machined performance parts.  Our products reflect a high standard in the automotive industry and we will continue to strive for greater achievements, not only for the consumer but for the industry as well.



     R&M Specialties offers 100% guarantee against any manufacturing defects on all individual parts for 1 year after the date of purchase.  Any returns received by our distributors may be shipped with proof of purchase, date of sale, name and address of returnee to R&M Specialties for prompt, direct delivery of new product.  All sales are final; no cash refunds will be issued.



     Ron Finley, inventor of the "Original Custom Spark Plug Wire Loom", created the first wire loom in 1982 while working as a machinist full time.  With a band saw, a piece of aluminum and a lot of long hours in his basement he fabricated his idea.  His first attempt at marketing this new and exciting product was to take it into part stores, wrapped in newspaper.  He couldn't understand why people just didn't jump at the opportunity.  He did manage to get a few people on board - the ones that could see through the poor marketing strategy and appreciate the product for what it was!


     Hard work finally paid off and Ron left his machinist job to invest all of his time and energy into his wire looms.  The product took on a life of it's own!  Wire looms became available in several colors and finishes and virtually every engine size was represented.  Ron and his wife Melody spent every year at the SEMA show, summers marketing their product at every street rod event they could fine and countless hours in the shop.


     Ron passed away in July 2001 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  His wife Melody and their three children continue to run the business and look forward to attending street rod events.